The MRD Hostel Logo

The logo has three distinct parts - the outer shield symbolizing toughness, the inner square - representative of the CMS Logo symbolizing the fact that MRD is a part of CMS and the innermost block - the figure symboilizing the hostel with the dove, cycle and the lamp symbolizing peace, continuity and brightness; so essential for the pursuit of knowledge.

  Maniram Dewan

Born on 17th April, 1806, Maniram Dutta Baruah, popularly known as Maniram Dutta Dewan Borbhandar Barooah was undoubtedly the greatest Assamese of the first half of the 19th century. He was first Assamese Tea planter. He established tea gardens at Chinamara in Jorhat and at Singlou in Sivasagar district. He played an active role in the freedom movement of Assam. He witnessed the declining Ahom suzerainty and the horrific effects of Moamaria Rebellion, while he subsequently guided the entry of the British into Assam.


Former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in his Republic Day speech of 2005 stressed on making entrepreneurial course compulsory with introduction of curriculum right from the high school level to postgraduate classes with a view to solve the burgeoning unemployment problem. It may be surmised that what Assam thought 143 years ago, India has awakened to such action and thought only now. The credit for this goes to the father of modern Assamese nationality Maniram Dewan.

Interestingly, at the time of his hanging on February 26,1858 Maniram Dewan did not see a single blood relative except villagers from whom he once collected exhorbitant land taxes much against their will.

In conclusion, the Assamese should be grateful to Commissioner David Scott and Captain Neufville for having trained Maniram Dewan and raising him to the stage of life. It is the duty of the upcoming generations to fulfil the dreams of martyr Maniram Dewan by treading on the path of self-reliance and fostering unity and brotherhood among people of the hills and plains, and thus guide the collective destiny of the South East Asian countries as a whole.

Assam Tribune Editorial 26.02.08