The administration of the Maniram Dewan Boys' Hostel is vested with the MRD Boys Hostel Council constituting the following members :

  1. Mr. Rakesh Chamua, Warden - Chairperson
  2. Mr. Navajit Taye [MBA (FT) 2015 Batch], - Convenor
  3. Mr. Gauranga Duarah [MBA (FT) 2015 Batch], Prefect - Member Secretary
  4. Mr. Arindam Bhardwaj [MBA (FT) 2016 Batch], Assistant Prefect - Member
  5. Mess Manager, - Rotating Member

The Council runs the hostel mess and supervises the day to day functioning of the hostel. It also resolves all disputes that may arise in the hostel.